SAT Leaders

Evektor, spol. s.r.o., a company founded in 1991, is a leading Czech aviation Company, which has an extensive development activities in the area of aviation, automotive and mechanical engineering industry, too. With more than 350 professionals in 6 branch offices throughout Czech Republic and 1 200 manufactured light airplanes, Evektor focuses on the development of advanced technologies, and participates in international research programs. Evektor is co-leader of SAT.

Piaggio Aero Industries in AS designs, develops, manufactures and maintains aircraft, aircraft engines and structural components. A continuous commitment to research and development, combined with innovative design and style, leads the development of Piaggio Aerospace, one of the main players for executive turboprops, Unmanned Aerial Systems and Special Mission aircraft in the global market. PAI is coordinator of SAT.

Participating Leaders

Safran Aircraft Engines is a subsidiary of Safran Group. It designs, develops, produces and supports, alone  or in partnership , engines for commercial and military aircraft and satellites. The company also offers airlines, armed forces and other operators a complete range of engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, plus fleet management and operational enhancement services. In SAT, Safran AE has investigated new diesel engine for small commuter.

Thales Group is a multinational company designing and building electrical systems and providing services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets. Thales designs and delivers extraordinary high technology solutions, paving the way to future solutions. Thales helps customers think smarter and act faster – mastering ever greater complexity and every decisive moment along the way. Thales is coordinator of SYS ITD.

Core Partners

Avio Aero designs, manufactures and maintains engines for both civil and military aviation, with innovative technology aimed to reduce engine weight and emissions, providing at the same time better performance. Avio Aero is developing a new turboprop for SAT in ENG ITD, aiming at reducing CO2 and NOx emissions, as well as community noise footprint.

CIRA is the Italian Aerospace Research Centre, whose main commitments are to support the Aerospace community and to define, manage and execute R&TD project in Aerospace. CIRA is active in developing Optimized Composite Structures for Small Aircraft and in developing affordable future avionics for SAT, paving the way to single pilot operations.

Coriolis Composites develops, produces and markets robotic cells for fiber placement using a standard robot enabling the laying of continuous or discontinuous fibers, in all directions and on complex geometrical surfaces. Within CS2, Coriolis is involved in the development and supply of automated solutions for manufacturing composite parts, with enhanced mechanical performance with low costs, energy efficient, and reliable technology.

Danobat develops cutting-edge, advanced, tailored and turnkey solutions for the automation of industrial processes for the manufacturing of composite and metal parts for strategic sectors. Inside CS2, Danobat is participating in the development of low cost composite.

Dowty Propellers is a trading name of GE Aviation Systems (GEAS), with a long history in the design and manufacture of variable pitch, constant speed and reversible propeller systems dating from 1937. It is a world leading supplier of composite propeller systems for a wide range of civil and military aircraft. Within CS2 ENG ITD, they were responsible for the design of the low noise propeller for the MAESTRO engine, able to provide the noise reduction required for SAT market.

EUROTECH Sp. z o.o. is a small private company established in 2001. From the beginning it was innovating company provides a wide range of specialized products and services: Unmanned Aerial Platforms, Mobile Units for Oil and Gas sector and Professional Electronics. Partner in the SAT-AM project focusing in AM technology development.

At GE Aviation Czech, a turboprop division of GE Aviation, design, manufacture, sell and service engines that power aircraft around the globe. GE turboprop engines enable aircraft to handle anything from unpaved landing strips in Africa and Latin America to permafrost in Siberia. Within CS2 ENG ITD, they worked on the advanced compressor and turbine development for MAESTRO engine.

The GE Aviation Deutschland (GEDE) team located in Munich,  develops technology for commercial and next-generation aircraft engines (from large turbofans to small turboprops) and their derivatives for ground-based applications. Within CS2 ENG ITD, they were responsible for the design, production and test the advanced compressor demonstrator for the MAESTRO engine.

General Electric Company Polska Ltd is one of the GE’s engineering design centers with over 20 years of experience in such fields of expertise like aerodynamics, mechanics and advanced materials. GECP is involved in developing low pressure turbine and exhaust for SAT turboprop.

Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft. The Aerospace business unit builds aircraft engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity systems, mechanical components and more. Its hardware and software solutions create more fuel-efficient aircraft, more direct and on-time flights and safer skies and airports.

Israel Aerospace Industries is Israel’s major aerospace and aviation manufacturer, producing aerial and astronautic systems for both military and civilian usage. It has approximately 15,000 employees. IAI designs, develops, produces and maintains civil aircraft, drones, fighter aircraft, missile, avionics, and space-based systems. IAI is a major player in the EU R&D projects for over 20 years, including participation as an associate partner in CS1 and a core partner in CS2.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network is the 3rd largest European research network active in several technology fields including aerospace. The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation is active in SAT-AM CP, developing More Affordable Small Aircraft Manufacturing Technologies and in SAT-Systems in More Affordable Future Avionics.

P.W METROL is a modern metal-industry company focusing on the production of parts (CNC) as well as providing services in the range of machining steel, color metals as well as plastic. Partner in the SAT-AM project responsible for development of HSM technology.

PZL Mielec a Lockheed Martin Company is the biggest Polish manufacturer of aircraft (M28), currently expanding its production profile to include aerostructures and helicopters. Partner in the SAT-AM project responsible for complex integrated structures and flight test.

Rzeszow University of Technology (RUT) is the largest technical university in south-east Poland, whose strength lies in the high level of teaching closely related to research. RUT is contributing to develop affordable future avionics for SAT.

SZEL-TECH company operates mainly in the aircraft industry. It is one of the suppliers of aircraft components (production of parts on milling machines) on the European market. Partner in the SAT-AM project focusing in HSM technology development.

Techni-Modul Engineering (TME) is a global tooling, machinery and service supplier offering a wide selection of standard and custom turn-key solutions in support of composite part design and fabrication. Within CS2, TME is active in the development of low cost composite suitable for 19-seater mass production.

ULTRATECH was established in 2000, as a Polish owned private limited company. They offer customer-oriented products and services of the highest quality for the aerospace and power generation industry. Partner in the SAT-AM project focusing in FSW technology development.

ZAKŁADY LOTNICZE MARGAŃSKI & MYSŁOWSKI is a Polish aircraft and glider manufacturer. It designs and manufactures unlimited category aerobatic gliders MDM-1 FOX and aircraft EM-11C ORKA and composite structures. Partner in the SAT-AM project focusing in composite (OoA) engine nacelle manufacturing.


Celera Motion is a market-leading provider of motion control components and subsystems for OEMs serving a variety of medical and advanced industrial markets. Celera Motion offers precision encoders, motors & drives helping customers solve challenging motion control problems.

CERTIA Group is leader in the design and production turnkey of test benches for the aerospace, automotive and defense industries, providing a wide range of products for integrators, component developers, MRO, control software for test benches, and tools.

DLR is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany, focusing on several fields ranging from aerospace to digitalization. Being the Coordinator of TE, DLR assesses technologies integrated at SAT level’s impact.

INDRA is a global company with vast and certified experience in aeronautical sector (radar, avionics, communications, mission and electrical system) for serial products, new developments and R&D activities. Inside CS2, INDRA develops enhanced and smart aircraft electrical distribution system (LVDC & HVDC).

The Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM) is the Italian national public Institute with the responsibility to realise and maintain primary standards for basic and derived units of the International System of units. INRiM carries out studies in atmospheric, environmental sciences and applied thermodynamics, to improve measurement methods, data quality and instrumentations.

ItalSystem s.r.l. was founded in 1996 and operates in the Information Technologies and Engineering sector, particularly in the areas of Avionic software, Telecommunications and consulting. ItalSystem s.r.l. collaborates with some of the major aeronautical companies and is qualified supplier of Leonardo SPA.

LAER produces complex aerospace aero-structures with large expertise in composite parts. Within CS2, it is developing bonding devices based on inflatable tubes. It is also responsible for fabrication of Jig Non Metallic parts, including inner components for bonding, ribs, shear, lower skin to cocured spars and upper skin.

Magnaghi Aeronautica, the MA Group Leading Company, is focused on development, qualification, production, and overhaul of landing gear and actuation systems. Inside CS2-SAT, Magnaghi is active in the development and testing of the innovative electrical Landing Gear System for new 19-seater commuter aircraft.

Mare Group offers integrated services for the implementation of Industry 4.0 paradigm. Mare Group has three business lines (Innovation Management, Digital Product, Engineering Services). Inside CS2, Mare Engineering is supporting the development of new electric brake for 19-seater.

Marotta is active in design, production and maintenance of mechanical components. In CS2, it is active in pneumatic system for the sub-scale jig design and integration. It is also responsible of ancillary system including calibration and small metallic part production.

Metitalia has huge expertise in composite material focusing on engineering, process development, fabrication and tooling assembly for composite. In CS2, it is Wibond project coordinator liable of tooling concept configuration, with the support of trials to trade among proposed procedure, evaluating the best method to use.

OMPM S.r.l. produce complex aerosapace parts and aerostructures. In Wibond it is in charge of the fabrication of large metallic part for bonding jig and auxiliary tool. Moreover, it will assembly and set up the full scale Bonding Jig.

Politecnico di Torino is internationally ranked among the most important universities in Europe for engineering and it is a center of excellence for education and research. It coordinates the project (MIDAS) for the development of an innovative Air Data System for SAT.

ProEtico is an innovative startup born in 2018, main capabilities are the following: System Engineering, Safety assessment , Design and industrialization of safety provision, System modelling and simulation , Training system development , ILS and RAMS for both civil and military application.

Protom has large experience in engineering aerostructure and aerospace systems. In CS2, it is active in the development of innovative de-icing system and in the design of innovative thermo-acoustic panes for SAT as well as in Wibond project it is liable of Jig detailed design including stress and deformation analysis.

Romaero S.A. is the most representative company in the Romanian Aerospace industry. The state-owned company is internationally recognized as an integrated organization, developing in the same location both aerostructures (detail parts, minor and major assemblies) manufacturing activities and maintenance and repair of civil transport aircraft and military aircraft.

Sesta-LAB (Tuscany, Italy) is one of the largest combustion test facility in Europe and its customers are the most important gas turbine manufactures worldwide. It offers an experimental plant were full scale and real engine conditions tests can be performed. Sest-LAB is supporting SAT in the project START.

Sonaca Group is active in aerostructure services, space and defense, innovation. It has one-stop shops and integrated teams of design and industrial professionals able to provide responsive solutions tailored to customers’ needs offering the best price combination with the latest automation technologies, low cost country manufacturing facilities and worldwide engineering offices.

TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION is a private, independent, non profit applied research centre of international excellence. Tecnalia is the leading private research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing around 1,445 people (225 PhDs) and with income of 108 Million € in 2018.

Tekno Compositi is an enterprising composite manufacturing company that strives to deliver industry-leading high standards of quality and support from initial concept to finished product.Tekno Compositi is specialized in producing molds and designing prototypes and serial production components for the following industries: aerospace (Airbus, Leonardo, Thales), automotive (Lamborghini, Maserati), naval (Leonardo ETN, Ferretti).

UMBRAGROUP with its sites in Italy, Germany and USA, offers its worldwide customers, high-tech, innovative motion solutions and excellent maintenance services in the aerospace, defense and industrial sectors. Its customers include prominent market leaders and the largest airlines.

Umbria Aerospace Systems is an aerospace company founded in 2014. UAS is oriented to ‘plug-and-play’, electro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic systems governed by integrated electronic controllers and SW embedded. UAS pursues a continuous development of his skills and technology through an R&D activity.

The University of Bergamo is a State University with more than 20,500 students. The H2020 REPRISE project is participated by the Control and Automation Laboratory, with experience in the fields of fault diagnosis, control and system identification.

The University of Florence (UNIFI) is one the largest academia in Italy. The HTC research group at the Dept. of Industrial Engineering (DIEF) is largely involved in CS2 JU, coordinating a CfP in SAT ENG-ITD (START) and a Thematic Topic project (CHAIRLIFT) both related to investigation on innovative combustor solutions.

The Università degli Studi di Perugia, founded in 1308, is one of the oldest universities in Italy and one of the most accredited, offering a wide variety of courses in all fields of education. The Engineering Department covers the whole spectrum of information and industrial areas.

VGA is an engineering company specialized in the design and development of complex systems and high technology prototypes with experience in aeronautics and energy fields. Main skills of the company are: mechanical structures design and analysis; development and manufacturing of customized test rigs.