The Annual Review Meeting of the Clean Sky 2 “Small Air Transport” (SAT) has taken place at Piaggio Aerospace HQs in Villanova d’Albenga, Italy in April 2023, in the presence of three Independent Experts, Joint Undertaking Project Officer, and all Representatives of the Partners involved in the Project, connected remotely.

The review meeting was intended to provide the Experts and Joint Undertaking Project Officers with a summary of the activities carried out in 2022 and an outlook on 2023 main events, as well as the feedback to the Reviewers’ recommendations risen after the 2022 Annual Review Meeting.

The second day’s meeting was dedicated to a visit of Piaggio Aerospace plant, where a Joint Undertaking Project Officer and the experts’ pool were shown the preliminary integration of Clean Sky 2 Small Air Transport Aircraft demonstrator (SAT) featuring the ‘More Electric’ and ‘Fly-by-Wire’ technologies. They could see a simulated flight performed by a real aircraft successfully testing the proper system behaviour in failure conditions.

The project progress has been judged positively and maximum attention shall be paid in the second half of 2023 to assure SAT activities completion by the end of the year.