Piaggio Aerospace participated in the “Aviation Day” of the Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS) Forum22 in Zurich (SUI) on June 22nd ,2022.

The event was  intendeded to discuss and exchange ideas about electric commuter aircraft, that can be developed to speed up the transition to low-carbon/zero fuel emission aircraft, to meet  the “Carbon Neutral by 2050” target by European Union.

The event saw the participation of representatives from industry, government, and academia, who discussed the main challenges and opportunities arising from the hybrid/electric propulsion technologies, adapted regulatory frameworks,  and new business models for the aeronautic sector. Moreover, socio-technical changes in the market’s supply and demand has been discussed as well.

Piaggio Aerospace presented the results of the concept studies of an innovative hybrid/electric small commuter (up to 19 seats) developed within SAT TA (Small Air Transport Transverse Activity) Project, in the frame of the Clean Sky 2 Program. This concept, able to perform a full electric mission for short ranges (less than 200 nm), integrates breakthrough technologies developed within Clean Sky 2:  affordable airframe structures for small aircraft, more-electric aircraft architecture for small aircraft, and hybrid-electric power plant.