Research activities at Piaggio Aerospace do not go on holiday this summer: two main achievements related to Clean Sky 2 activities will be discussed at the 11th Virtual International Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens”, organized by the European Aeronautics Science Network (EASN). 

The first paper focuses on the application of an active flow control electric system (blown flap): it is used to enhance aerodynamic high lift performance. The system paves the way to hybrid/electric short take-off and landing (E-STOL) small commuter concept, which is being developed by the Small Air Transport (SAT) Project.The second paper provides an overview of the environmental impact (CO2 and NOX reduction) of the technologies being developed within the Clean Sky 2 Program on the aircraft 19-seats twin-turboprop commuter.

The 11th EASN Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens will take place virtually on September 1st-3rd 2021.

The main goals of the Conference are two: on one side EASN Conference is intended as a forum to discuss innovative ideas, disruptive technologies and breakthrough concepts. On the other side, the conference is aimed to disseminate the knowledge and the results achieved so far in the Research Projects active in both aviation and space fields.

The event includes a series of Plenary Talks hosting distinguished personalities of the European Aviation and Space sectors, coming from academia, industry, reseach community and policy makers. In addition, Thematic Sessions, and Technical Workshops, are organized to share ideas on specific topics.

Conference proceedings will be published in open access publication series IOP (Institute Of Physics) Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering (ISSN: 1757-8981) of the IOP Publishing Ltd, fulfilling Article 29 “Dissemination Of Results — Open Access — Visibility Of EU Funding” of Horizon2020 funded reseatch projects.

During the event, Piaggio Aerospace engineers will present two different works:

  1. CFD wind tunnel assessment on the case-study of the MOTHIF blown flap”: this work focuses on the comparison between experimental data and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations carried out to evaluate the effects of a blown flap system applied to an innovative hybrid small commuter
  2. Improvement of European thin haul mobility: the role of small Green commuter aircraft”: this work describes the Clean Sky 2 technologies integrated on a Green small commuter, and preliminary aircraft mission analyses, showing the achievement of emission reduction targets of the designed configuration (20% CO2, 20% NOX reduction for the design mission). The paper will be discussed during the Clean Sky 2 Technology Evaluator dedicated workshop session.