SAT Core Partner SAT-AM (Small Air Transport – Affordable Manufacturing) flight test campaign of the experimental PZL (Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze) M28 aircraft mounting the innovative composite engine nacelle is proceeding on track after the execution of its maiden flight in December 20th 2020.

The innovative engine nacelle that is equipping PZL M28 airplane has been designed to guarantee lighter and cheaper nacelle for small aircraft. The nacelle is manufactured in Hexcel material OoA (Out of Autoclave) technology, guaranteeing a weight reduction of at least 10% compared to actual metallic structures.

This weight reduction is possible thanks to the combined action of two factors:

  1. Use of high strength-to-weight ratio material such as carbon fibre.
  2. Improvements of materials and manufacturing techniques, allowing to obtain higher fibre to volume ratio.

SAT-AM research activities covers full product development process: design, manufacturing, ground and flight tests.
The modified PZL M28 is actually facing its flight test campaign, whose data will be collected and post-processed to assess the outcomes of SAT-AM activity.

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